A picture post. After a really long time! With college and everything, time and words kind of fall short. This was an impromptu ‘scribble’ 😀

Let's sit together and doodle awayOur story on The gurgling sweet river,On the vast infinite sky.On the moon and the glorious sunAnd upon the mountainsTowering up high.On earth, upon the heaven.I know my love they


The break.

It won’t let you go off easily. It’ll tear you apart. It will be a hot knife, twisting through your heart. It may seem to suffocate you. But it’s all a delusion. There are over 7 billion soul out there. You deserve so much more better. Be patient. Spread love.

You were but a dream baby.You were as real as the starsThat shone with hope in the pitch dark.You were my anchor that kept me ashore ;Amidst all the chaos and gore.You were the breath that I unknowingly took,Day in