The Vanishing Whisper

To all those stories that didn’t happen when they should have
To all those stories that have unfinished business
To all those stories that would never be written
To all those stories that would never see an end.

He loved her.
She didn’t.

He saw the sun
And the stars
In her eyes.
She didn’t care
To look him
In the eye.

He waited till
The vines of
Strangled him.

He left.

The tree
Was bare
And the sky
Was bereft.

She remembered.
The glimmer
Of hope
In those eyes.
Those eyes
That she didn’t
To look into.

She begged
And vowed
And cried
To no avail.

She wanted more
He didn’t.



“Top your class Beta. Why did you score less than XYZ?”
“Put in your cent percent and ace 12th grade; your life is set.”
“Get good pointers in college, will you? Companies won’t recruit you.
Do your PG and you will get an amazing job.”
Get married, have kids and settle down now.
Welcome to the world
of worrying about them topping, acing, getting a job
and settling in life – And the pattern goes on.

Before it’s too late. They are talking about paper wings and castles
of sand.

I got a pair of paper wings that
Will take me to Brobdingnagian heights.
They have speckles of gold over blotches of rainbow.
Oh! Such a beautiful sight.

‘Fly my girl! To the mountains.
Move boulders with all your might.
Then come to rest in the Shore Castle
And have a beautiful night.’

Patience and perseverance
Clouded my mind.
The shroud of happy times kept me
Awake all night.

Today was the day when I shall finally give
Wings to my dreams that I
Saw perpetually every night.
I wore them with pride
And carried a small smile.
Nor rain nor hail could falter
My vow to rise.

Grey clouds announced their approach.
They lurked their way through
And caged the sun from all sides.
Rain and wind gashed the earth
Quavering my stout resolve.

I looked hopefully at
My harnessed wings.
Alas! The colours were oozing their way
Towards the brown terrain.
They were nothing but a pair of muck
That mocked me.

I tore them away from my body.
It wasn’t the cold but
The Hope
Which crumbled before my eyes
That made me tremble.

‘It’s ok.
Get yourself together. I still have the
Shore Castle waiting for me
To have a beautiful night.’

I reached the shore.
The sea was high and uncouth,
Lashing the shores with
All it’s puissance.

I searched frantically for the Shore Castle.
They had promised
It shall shelter me from rage and snow
That danced
Among the mortals and bones.

I tripped and fell
Face down on the shore.
Salt and grit hit me hard;
Supervened by the ugly truth.

They lied to me and fed me
With desires, hopes and delusions.
‘You are doing all this for a beautiful tomorrow.
Envisage a happy face.’
It took me apart – One pearl at a time
From the necklace I had woven every day and every night.

They gave me wings
To fly to soaring heights.
And built castles made of sand and bright.
I didn’t know that wings of paper
Would decimate when I try
To let my dreams fly.
Nor did I realize that
Castles of sand shall disappear
When the Sea will rise
To erase the prints of yesternight.



She looked proud and pretty.
But have you trodden her soul?
Some places are scratched,
Others have healed.
Most of it , though
Is empty.
The hollowness that looks
So charming, pure and tempting
Shall be filled
By Tomorrow.
A Tomorrow that offers
Everything ; yet nothing.
Her journeys will
Etch the words
And carve the stones that
Lay bare in
The Garden of Life.

Be like the sea.Don't let trivial deeds mar your shore.



Have you ever been lonely?
I am sure you all have.
You feel abandoned; worthless; despondent.
It’s like a never ending abyss.
It creeps into the deepest
And the purest part of you
And drains you completely.
You feel helpless and
Utterly disappointed.
You don’t know if you want to
Blame yourself
Or your neighbour.
Or the world, for that matter.
They all say that they will be there.
Sacred pinky promises were made.
Vows of brotherhood taken.
In good times and bad,
Just give me a call
And ill be there, they said.
They, who?

One day,
The most awkward,
Out of the world situation
Arrives at your doorstep.
And you are pulled into the shambles.
It’s like a chain.
An eldritch one too.
The harder you try to get away,
The tighter it holds on to you.
All you can think of is one thing – Who will take me out of this?

You think of calling someone
Someone you suppose is the closest.
Who shall
Be what may get you out of this
Uncanny predicament.

You call him(or her).

He may come to rescue you, for good.
An act of kindness with(out?) expectations.
Expectations that
You will be there for him.
A debt that you shall be weighed upon,
Which you shall have to remember
Your entire life.

Or he may not come.

And the shambles you see, doubles if he denies.
All the tears and memories with that person
Crumble into the already
Crumbled world.

You lose the tiny hope you have
Of getting away from
The sickening feeling that
Has now enticed every
Molecule in your body.
And you go deeper into the quick sand.

The grip tightens and
You start to choke.
All you have
Are a few breaths to count before
Oblivion merges with you.

You have to stay aloof.
You have to find
That glimmer of hope
To survive.
Not for anybody
Or anything.
For you.

You fight all the shenanigans
That have clouded your mind for so long.
It’s only you who can
Flush it out of your system.
Only you can unshackle the bounds
That have bound you
Time and again
And forced you to question
The rules that
You have been told about
All your life.

They all said they will be there.
And then there were none.


Life will present us with so many instances where we have to run solo. And mind you, you will always expect company. Don’t. And sometimes a situation arrives where you are in a mess that seems impossible to get out of. My advice? Do not depend on anybody. Take it up as a challenge and get out of it. The satisfaction you get out of it is amazingly insoluble. And you don’t owe anything to anybody.

Exam Atmosphere

So here goes my first post!

The first poem I penned down in 8th grade during one of our school quizzes. This probably was the day from when I took to writing when bored, happy or sad. Also, this is one of my first poems to be published in The Times of India (Student’s Edition). You can read this to your kids or something 😀


I see people around me,

All immersed in their own world.

Bending their heads over the papers,

Hans on their pencils ; they go on writing.

To my right is a copycat,

To my left is a serious cap.

In front of me is a boy with spectacles.

Intelligence to his personality sets.

But you’ll know he is rude,

I guess.

Behind me is my friend.

Life for her is not about fashion trends.

She is cool in her own way

And happy all day.

I am sitting here doing nothing.

I wish I had known something.

Around me are geniuses answering everything.

Though, there are some like me

Knowing nothing.