I always wanted a baby brother or sister to play with when I was a kid. And when I got to know that my dream will actually come true, my joy knew no bound 😛 I had promised all my friends that I will bring him in my yellow school bag for them to see.We all share a love-hate relationship with our siblings. They know us so well that their taunts get to us the most. At times we hate them from the bottom of out hearts. But by the end of the day, we just can’t do without them 🙂 I wrote this poem way back in 11th grade.

That dream of a hatchling,
Beaming at me.
His five fingers clutching one of mine,
Lively as it should be.

The only thought that flooded my mind,
Again and again questioned me,
“They all have one-two-three-four people in their houses!
Why is it just one-two-three for me?”

And then they announced,
The influx of a blooming tree.
My joy knew no bound.
I was eager and glee.

I promised my friends and teachers,
Told my school ‘Bais’ too,
That I will bring my baby brother,
In my bag to school .

Leaner than a stick,
Frailer than the petals,
There! I saw him: Wrapped in white, serene eyes.
My angel was with me.

The foreign feeling of trust and affection,
Were so unprompted and brimming.
The strings bound us tight.
Eccentric, isn’t it?

We fight for an éclairs and lie together.
We hide each other’s stuff,
But also untold secrets from the world .
The cat fights and the bull-kicks,
The inside jokes and malice.
Love never shown , feelings so alien and unknown.
Our blind trust, like none
Just merriment and fun!

Je t’aime mon frère.


Exam Atmosphere

So here goes my first post!

The first poem I penned down in 8th grade during one of our school quizzes. This probably was the day from when I took to writing when bored, happy or sad. Also, this is one of my first poems to be published in The Times of India (Student’s Edition). You can read this to your kids or something 😀


I see people around me,

All immersed in their own world.

Bending their heads over the papers,

Hans on their pencils ; they go on writing.

To my right is a copycat,

To my left is a serious cap.

In front of me is a boy with spectacles.

Intelligence to his personality sets.

But you’ll know he is rude,

I guess.

Behind me is my friend.

Life for her is not about fashion trends.

She is cool in her own way

And happy all day.

I am sitting here doing nothing.

I wish I had known something.

Around me are geniuses answering everything.

Though, there are some like me

Knowing nothing.